Top Podcasts of 2015: Part 2

#3. Do You Like Prince Movies?

I should have seen it coming. When Wesley Morris, half of Grantland’s Do You Like Prince Movies?, announced he was leaving Grantland for a job at the New York Times and DYLPM would be ending, it should have been a clear sign that this beloved collective of writers would soon be disbanding. In the post-Grantland era we still have The Watch but Do You Like Prince Movies? was my favorite film/pop culture podcast and I was devastated to see it go. Wesley Morris has popped up on BSPN but it’s just not the same without his partner in criticism Alex Pappademas. Their knack for intellectually dissecting even the most shallow of pop culture artifacts was a consistent inspiration for this aspiring culture critic.

#2. Good Job, Brain!

I’ve been an avid and occasionally overly competitive participant in pub trivia for the past several years. Every week, my wife rallies our team together and we go to battle against other beer-sipping trivia aficionados in an attempt to prove our intellectual superiority. Win or lose, it’s always a highlight of my week and when a former manager mentioned a podcast about a group of like-minded pub trivia brainiacs, I couldn’t resist. Though I only started listening in August, the Good Job Brain crew of Karen, Dana, Colin and Chris proved to be so entertaining I’ve since listened through over a year and a half of backlogged episodes. If you love to laugh and learn like I do, Good Job Brain is a real gem worth subscribing to.

Subscribe to Good Job, Brain! here.

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