Welcome to Compact Discography.

I started writing album reviews in my college dorm room in 2006. When I started, I was certain I had found my calling and though I’ve been many things since, I’ve continuously maintained this little hobby. Music brings such joy to my life and much of that pleasure is derived from the experience of sharing music I love with the people around me. I love pulling the plastic off of a new CD and I love a heated debate about the year’s best album. My taste is eclectic and occasionally esoteric so I don’t expect everyone to appreciate everything I review here but I welcome the discussion. Though I try to be objective, I am admittedly a bit nostalgic about my personal experience with music but I make no apologies. I hope that Compact Discography can be a place for people to discover and discuss new and interesting sounds. For best results keep an open mind, turn the volume up loud and get your good headphones on.

-Andy Stone

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