Top Podcasts of 2015: Part 1

#5. The Watch

Few things broke my heart in 2015 like the closure of Bill Simmons’ Grantland sports and pop culture site. After Simmons parted ways with Grantland’s parent company ESPN earlier in the year, it seemed like Grantland might carry on but on October 30, the site was shut down for good. As Grantland was on its way out, Simmons was already working on a deal with HBO and he was able to recruit several Grantlanders (Chris Ryan, Andy Greenwald, Juliet Litman) to join his newly formed Channel 33 Bill Simmons Podcast Network aka BSPN. It’s not quite Grantland II but it’s been enough to ease my grief. Intellectually stimulating and endlessly entertaining, The Watch (formerly The Hollywood Prospectus on Grantland) features Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan primarily discussing television but they are eager to address all corners of pop-media with razor sharp wit. Grant land is dead. Long live Grantland.

Subscribe to The Watch as part of the Channel 33 Podcast here.

#4. The Lowe Post

Zach Lowe has one of the greatest basketball minds on planet Earth but even that couldn’t save Grantland. After the site shutdown, Zach Lowe, another Grantland All-Star started writing for ESPN directly and I was more than a little shocked when The Lowe Post episodes kept popping up in my podcast subscription feed. He has a world class roster of regulars on his show ranging from fellow NBA analysts to coaches and players and even the head honcho NBA Commissioner Adam Silver himself. As an obsessive NBA fan, I couldn’t be happier that Zach Lowe is still droppin’ pods on a regular basis.

Subscribe to The Lowe Post here.


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