36/365 Bad Romance by Lady Gaga

36/365: “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

In honor of Lady Gaga’s stunning Super Bowl halftime performance, the song of the day is “Bad Romance”. Over the past decade, she has both defined and defied the pop landscape with her seemingly endless wellspring of imagination and talent. Despite her various provocative personas, Lady Gaga has always performed with honesty and heart, and the artistic candor and inclusivity of her music was on full display at tonight’s performance. She literally jumped from the roof of the stadium onto a platform and performed a career spanning barrage of hits without even a hint of pre-recorded lip syncing. Sure I’m a sap but when she dropped a shutout to both of her parents while staring right into the camera, I was all kinds of moved. For an artist who’s last four albums went #1 on the charts, Lady Gaga has always seemed like an artist on the outside looking in but tonight she had a moment. Plenty of artists have floundered in the face of the brightest lights on the biggest stage, but Lady Gaga made the Super Bowl halftime show her home.


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