Top 40 Songs of 2015: Part 3 (#20 – #11)

#20. “California Nights” – Best Coast

Best Coast once thrived in lo-fi but their third LP California Nights, sounds uncharacteristically polished. The DIY charm may have dissipated though their newly focused, more mature sound gives them some staying power. Among the highlights from the new album is the eponymous “California Nights”, the atmospheric cornerstone of Best Coast’s artistic progression.

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#19. “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” – Jamie xx ft. Young Thug, Popcaan

Deep in the heart of Jamie xx’s nearly perfect debut album In Colour, the gorgeous and moody soundscapes vanish and suddenly “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” appears. The transition from the dark sublime disco of “Loud Places” to the hip-hop banger “Good Times” is wildly jarring but somehow it works. On its own, the track was the defining song of The Summer of 2015 and nothing made me happier than hearing it blare from open windows of passing cars.

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#18. “Bored In The USA” – Father John Misty

Father John Misty’s beautiful, though unlikely blend of cynicism and romanticism achieve peak potency on “Bored In The USA”. Who knew that a laugh track on a piano ballad could be so damn chilling…

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#17. “Cause I’m A Man” – Tame Impala

Call me crazy but I believe shiny R&B Tame Impala is much more fun and interesting than Lo-Fi Psychedelic Tame Impala ever was. For maximum enjoyment, watch the official music video featuring a Muppet version of Tame Impala performing this irresistible track.

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#16. “Kill V. Maim” – Grimes

One of many highlights from her fantastic new album Art Angels, “Kill V. Maim” is insanely energetic and totally bonkers.

#15. “Opus” – Eric Prydz

The music of Eric Prydz isn’t about the drops – it’s about the journey. This 9-minute, aptly titled “Opus” takes its time building but Prydz makes every second count as glittering arpeggios accelerate into an absolutely beautiful display of EDM wizardry.

#14. “What Went Down” – Foals

Witness the awesome, terrifying power of Foals.

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#13. “All Your Favorite Bands” – Dawes

Sometimes the right song finds you in your moment of need. Dawes’ nostalgic love letter to old friends is the kind of song that makes me feel blissful and heartbroken all at the same time. May all your favorite bands stay together.

#12. “Depreston” – Courtney Barnett

Who knew that house hunting could be such an emotional experience? Courtney Barnett is without a doubt my favorite new songwriter of 2015 and “Depreston” showcases her ability to glean the most profound meaning from even the most mundane moments in life.

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#11. “Cheerleader” – Omi

Why do so many people hate this song so much? I find a real elegance in the simplicity of “Cheerleader” and the understated arrangements add to the song’s endearing charm. The infectious hook, the trumpet solo, the unwavering devotion of the singer – what’s not to love?

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