5/365 Everyone Is Guilty by Akron/Family

365: “Everyone Is Guilty” by Akron/Family

Not too long ago, I borrowed Akron/Family’s 2009 LP Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free from a buddy. I’d never heard it before and so I sit down in my office and start to get the record ready. I like to create some ambiance when I play vinyl (no matter how difficult it is for me to see what I’m doing) so the only light in the room is this little desk lamp. Anywho, I drop the needle and the first track sounded absolutely bonkers. The tempo was outrageously high and everything had this weird pitch distortion and yada yada yada I made it almost to the two minute mark of “Everyone Is Guilty” before I realized I was playing the record at 78rpm instead of 33 1/3. Restarted the record, at the proper speed this time, and guess what? Still bonkers. I learned my lesson though: Akron/Family sounds nuts no matter how you listen to them.


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