1/365 The New Year by Death Cab For Cutie

I’m trying something new this year. Compact Discography has been a lot of fun for me to manage over the past few years but midway through 2016, it started to become a burden. Lacking motivation to continue writing, I basically ignored the site for the entire second half of the year. Finding time to was difficult. Finding motivation was even more so. But it’s a new year and I’ve got a fun idea to get back into the habit of writing again. I’m going to write about a different song every day this year. I want to explore my ever growing back catalogue of music, share some stories and get Compact Discography moving again. I plan to keep it brief and I’m going to start with an easy one.

1/365: “The New Year” by Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie’s 2003 album Transatlanticism was one of my indie rock gateway drugs. The longing and melancholy of their music seemed tailor made for a moody teenager like me. Like most Death Cab classics, “The New Year” is a saccharine mess of feelings and when I hear those opening guitar chord stabs, I’m taken back to my early days of music discovery and teenage heartache. That’s partially why I picked this as my first Song of the Day but honestly, “The New Year” just seemed like an easy song to write about on January 1st. So this is “The New Year”


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