The Record Club Ep 002 with Paulina Vo

On the second episode of The Record Club podcast, I interview independent singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer-and-all-around-cool-human Paulina Vo. Last week, Paulina released her new Weekends EP and we talk about her journey as a songwriter and producer, her first guitar, the Spice Girls and more. We end the episode with the World Podcast Premiere of Paulina Vo’s latest single “Ghosts”.

Weekends - EP

On Weekends, Paulina Vo blends dazzling vocal melodies with R&B and electronic textures to create a compelling new sound. If you enjoy good music and want to support Paulina Vo, you can find her Weekends on Apple Music and Spotify now.

For more information about Paulina Vo and her music, check out her website at and you can follow Paulina on Twitter right here.

Listen to Episode 002 of The Record Club with Paulina Vo right here.





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