5 Tracks ‘Til Friday – October 5, 2015

Hand picked jams. Just for you. 

“Highway Patrol Stun Gun” – Youth Lagoon

From the recently released Savage Hills Ballroom, “Highway Patrol Stun Gun” is the sound of Youth Lagoon putting the pieces together. After two introverted but intriguing albums (The Years of Hibernation and Wondrous Bughouse), Youth Lagoon aka Trevor Powers has finally figured out how to turn his bedroom recording project into something more substantial. The arrangement on “Highway Patrol Stun Gun” pairs synths and strings together as if they were always meant to compliment each other and the result is a dazzling chamber pop track.

“Wild Heart” – Stevie Nicks

A few years ago, I stumbled across a video of Stevie Nicks harmonizing with a demo version of this song while prepping for a Rolling Stone photo shoot. It’s a low quality video that candidly shows Nicks’ charming vulnerability and overpowering vocal skill. In 2015, Stevie Nicks is more likely to be the punchline to a joke than the subject of adoration but I’m comfortable enough in my own skin to say that I think “Wild Heart” is gorgeous. Originally released on her 1983 sophomore solo album The Wild Heart, this track is long forgotten by most but deserves to be revisited.

“The Yabba” – Battles

“The Yabba” is the lead single from Battles’ gloriously weird new album La Di Da Di. The album is entirely instrumental and though it lands just short of their groundbreaking debut album Mirrored, it’s clear they’ve figured out how to be Battles without their former lead ‘singer’ Tyondai Braxton. In the long run, I think they are better off without him. The lack of vocals allow the intensely complicated compositions to shine without distraction.

“Trap Queen” – Fetty Wap

I spent all summer trying to resist Fetty Wap but I’m throwing in the towel. “Trap Queen” is a Certified Banger and resistance is futile.

“Greyhound” – Swedish House Mafia

I am fully prepared to forgive Swedish House Mafia for trying to sell me Vodka and futuristic robot dogs. Originally featured in an Absolut Vodka commercial, “Greyhound” is a massive house masterpiece. Unfortunately, the video edit erodes the fine tuned build and release of the original mix. EDM is dead. Long live EDM.

Check back next week for another installment of 5 Tracks ‘Til Friday.

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