Best Podcasts of 2014 (#5-3)


#5. Grantland Pop Culture: Do You Like Prince Movies?

I started the year 2014 vaguely aware of the existence of I finished the year an unabashed fanboy of Bill Simmons’ sports & pop culture site and Grantland’s Do You Like Prince Movies podcast has found a regular spot in my rotation. Hosted by Alex Pappademas and Wesley Morris, Do You Like Prince Movies is an entertaining and critical discussion of contemporary film with tangents into other sectors of pop culture. These are two seriously smart and genuinely funny guys who can talk about high concept film without being too heady or pretentious about it. I started listening because of the Prince reference, I stay for the insightful and entertaining content.

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#4. Grantland Sports: Jalen & Jacoby

We got. To. Give the people. Give peooooooople whaaaat they want!
From their rap group bracket tournament over the summer to their weekly-ish NBA discussion, this ‘pod’ is just a damn good time. There are a number of phrases that have entered my regular vocabulary thanks to former college basketball superstar/NBA player Jalen Rose and podcast super producer David Jacoby. Sure there is high quality pop culture and basketball discussion but Jalen & Jacoby aren’t just here to inform and discuss, they aim to inspire. Fans of the pod know that every day is just a fight to ‘keep getting’ them checks’. Play it cool, keep a level head, ‘don’t get fired’ and there is a time and place to do some ‘champagnin’ & campaignin’. Also, if you’re going to get ejected on a Christmas day game, make it worth while. Pop the trunk and subscribe to this podcast.

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#3. Sklarbro Country/County

You probably know twin brother comedians Jason and Randy Sklar even if you don’t recognize the name. They have lingered on the fringes of mainstream comedy with standup specials, bit parts on sitcoms and movies for the better part of the past two decades. Their Sklarbro Country and Sklarbro County podcasts air once a week with Country focusing on sports takes and interviews with comedians and writers and County (my favorite of the two) focusing on recapping and riffing on offbeat news stories from across the country (mostly Florida). I usually listen to podcasts while driving and on several occasions I have been laughing so hard I nearly had to pull over.

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