Compact Review: Phantogram’s Voices


Phantogram – Voices
Rating: 90/100
Release: February 18, 2014

Usually a four year difference between a band’s debut and sophomore LP is an indication of idle indecision or misapplied perfectionism. But Phantogram has been far from idle since their 2010 debut Eyelid Movies, releasing three EPs and touring consistently throughout that time. Thanks in part to their feverish work ethic, Phantogram manages to handily avoids the pitfalls of a long awaited second album with Voices. The band’s electro-R&B-shoegaze-rock sound is dark and manic with a compelling vulnerability that nicely compliments Voices’ noisy barrage of hip-hop drum machines hits, synth pulses and guitar riffs. Though this record is a satisfying testament to realized potential, I don’t believe Phantogram has even come close their ceiling. Buy low and get on board now because Phantogram just might be your next favorite band and Voices is without question my favorite album of 2014 (so far).
Top Tracks: “The Day You Died”, “Black Out Days”, “Bill Murray”


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