You Should Know: In The Valley Below

One of the first posts I wrote for this blog was focused on a little known Los Angeles based band called In The Valley Below. I happily purchased their first self-released EP from the bands website after hearing their exceptional single “Peaches” on SiriusXM radio. They’ve been touring heavily since that time, gaining momentum, and today they officially released their Peaches EP on iTunes.

One of the highlights from the year was their performance last month on Letterman. The video is sitting on only a couple thousand views but they can stay under the radar for only so long. I can’t be the only music nerd who finds this band’s music deeply compelling.

Am I crazy or do they have the goods? You be the judge. Check out there performance from Letterman right here:

Alongside the release of the new EP, they have also released an official music video for “Peaches”. As I am writing this, the video has only a few hundred views but I am determined to get the word out about this enchanting new act. Watch the official “Peaches” music video here:

The new material on their Peaches EP is more developed and focused than their previous release. The title track is still on of my favorite songs from 2013 and the other songs on the album are richly textured indie guitar pop tracks. They’ve got a wonderful sonic aesthetic and an infectious pop sensibility that cannot be ignored. You can buy the album on iTunes.

Seriously friends, you should know In The Valley Below.



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