Review: Hummingbird – Local Natives

Released: January 29, 2013

Rating: 88/100

It only took me one listen through to realize that Local Native’s Hummingbird is the first great album of 2013. I casually listened to and enjoyed their debut album Gorilla Manor but the follow up has had me absolutely captivated since its release a few weeks ago.

Hummingbird is an honest indie rock album that is simple enough on the surface. The album is filled with memorable melodies, sprawling harmonies and lyrics that seem to reveal new details with every repeat listen. For a record that is often subtle and lyrical, Hummingbird has a fair share of tracks that noisily build to celebratory climaxes. Think The National but with more Fleet Foxes style harmonies. The whole thing feels like meeting a new friend who immediately trusts you with their funniest and most vulnerable stories. Its a warm and intimate experience from start to finish.

Top Tracks: “Breakers”, “Heavy Feet”, “Columbia”


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